The Real Threat

I never envisioned using this blog as a way to encourage blanket generalizations about a whole population, but there comes a time when the actions of one group become so damaging to the Nation’s vitality, that it becomes an ethical imperative to speak out.  I don’t want to be the one to say it, but someone has to.  There is a looming threat in America.  We all know them.  We walk past them every day at the grocery store, we see them in our parks, we sit next to them at our cinemas.  They are our neighbor’s, our uncles, even our fathers.  We may recognize it, but the thrust of political correctness has become so great that few will utter the Truth.  The greatest threat to America today is not terrorists, immigrants or globalists…it is middle-aged white men.

It pains me to say this, because I know many of them and, truth be told, they aren’t ALL bad.  If I was in a bind, I would probably let some of them fix my car, do my taxes, or maybe, in a real pinch, serve as my elected representative.  But they tend to be uncivilized, prone to violence, and overall, unfit for self-governance (despite often thinking of themselves as all-knowing Gods).  The worst part is that as hard as individuals try to overcome it, they are typically unable to get beyond these essential traits that comprise the middle-aged white man’s Nature.  The reality is they can’t help it: it’s a cultural thing that evolved through centuries of raping and pillaging, then reigning over whatever population stood in their way.  The danger is that this culture is spreading like the plague, infecting women, the poor, blacks, even gays.

Don’t believe me? Check out Exhibit A: The Ken Buck/Michael Bennett Race.  As I’ve previously mentioned, Buck is a nut job, woefully unfit for public office.  Yet white men favored him by over 20% against Michael Bennet – a centrist Dem in the Bill Clinton mold.  Buck’s strongest supporters were those making between fifty and one-hundred thousand.  This divide is most marked in the 40-49 age group where fully 60% of all voters supported Buck.  I would love to see the numbers for white males aged 40-49.  Partial Disclaimer: Bennet, also a middle-aged white man, recently capitulated on extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%.  This occurrence demonstrates that even seemingly “good” members of this population – when in an environment filled with others of their kind – will soon deviate back to the norm.

Worse yet, this phenomenon isn’t confined to Colorado, but seems to extend nation-wide.  I give you Exhibit B: House national polls. 62% of white men voted republican, and among those making 200,000 or more, 64% voted republican.  In a troubling development that highlights the tremendous scope of the contagion, white women (particularly upper-middle class white women) are only slightly better.

Still not convinced?  Take Exhibit C: The Tea Party.  According to the NY Times, “[t]he 18 percent of Americans who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters tend to be Republican, white, male, married and older than 45…They are wealthier and better-educated than the general public.”  To summarize, the typical Tea Partier is a Middle-aged, upper-middle class, white man with some college (typically studying business or engineering, with few forays into the liberal arts).

The question then emerges: moving beyond the obvious demographics, what’s driving the Tea Party?  Contrary to popular narratives, it’s not the economy, it’s not a commitment to an “originalist” constitution, it’s not the overt racism of years past: its ressentiment.  The Tea Party is an identity politics movement for the one group who hadn’t had it: middle-aged white men.  It finds its outlet in this combination of neoliberalism, originalism and neoracism, but truth be told the movement is inspired by the politics of “Me-tooism.”  From the primitive perspective of the middle-aged white male, (think feigned southern drawl) “women had their movement…so did blacks, Mex-eee-cans and even ho-mo-sex-uuuules, what about us?”

Think about it, the movement is framed around nationalist symbols that are unabashedly macho, expresses nostalgia for a 1950s America where concerns of color remained latent, emphasizes traditional family values (i.e. the father rules over the household), and worships the Christian God (always a “he”) who provides lessons that social life is modeled on.  But more than anything, the movement is utterly reliant upon an Other that is constantly racialized, feminized, and foreign-ized.  The movement falters without Obama. It needs him.  It’s identity is reliant upon him.  He serves as a simple proxy for all that is “un-American.”  Perhaps the Tea Party exists with a female president (say Hilary Clinton), but it doesn’t with a white man in office.

Can middle-aged white men change?  Maybe.  But it is sure to be a slow, drawn-out process.  Until then, it’s time to start a new movement that protects the real America against this threat.  Let’s not let political correctness delay us any longer: tell your middle-class, middle-aged, white brothers, cousins, and friends to stay home next election season.  Maybe we could even introduce a cultural literacy test (they would have to, say, have at least one friend of another race [and no, watching Oprah or professional sports would not suffice], or have a basic grasp of the colonization of the Southwest).  Unfortunately some good ones will be weeded out in the process, and denied their freedom. But this is only collateral damage, and it pales in comparison to what They have done to Us.

Remember, it’s for the good of the Nation.


~ by iamtomjoad on December 4, 2010.

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