Another conflict of interest

Yet again, we are witnessing the catastrophic consequences of what happens when government regulators are castrated through the conservative belief that government will never be as efficient or capable as private enterprise.  As a result, government work has become a kind of second tier career that is looked down upon by talented people in most cases.  This creates an atmosphere in which government regulators are working in cooperation with the very industries which they are tasked with regulating (when they aren’t looking up porn with their office computers, smoking meth, or accepting various bribes, er, gifts, from Halliburton, BP, and Goldman Sachs, among others).  The results so far have been economic, and now environmental, catastrophes whose like has rarely, if ever, seen before.

If you want to see just how catastrophic, type “gulf oil spill near the United States” into Google Maps or Google Earth and enjoy the results.


~ by iamtomjoad on May 26, 2010.

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