And some Monday humor…

Some Street Sweeper Social Club to liven up a dull Monday.

“May you tumble and fall down your grand marble stairway.

May that caviar patois you were eating block your airway.

May your manservant deliver the Heimlich with honor.

May this make you vomit on your Dolce Gabbana.

May your wife’s worried face show a horrific expression.

May you realize ‘she’s not worried, that’s just botox injections!’

May all the commotion cause to crash your chandelier,

and propel into your rear it’s sharp diamonds from Debeers.

May your Ferrari break down, may your chauffeur get high,

and smash up your stretch Rolls up on Rodeo Drive.

Off the breaking backs of others is where you get all your bucks.

Until we make the revolution, I just hope your life sucks!”


~ by iamtomjoad on May 17, 2010.

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